Thank you for your lovely comments on my Boyfriend Archer! I hope to finish more soon because I have been wearing it non-stop. People are going to start questioning if I actually have other shirts.

Here's a tutorial for how to add the pocket tabs. I think they look great on the Archer shirt, but would be adorable added to pouch pockets on a 60s shift dress. Or perhaps the back pocket of fitted trousers?

The dimensions used for this tutorial are from the Archer pocket, which if you don't have are 22cm x 13.5cm with two fold lines ~3cm apart (see diagram). However, feel free to use on whatever pocket you have!


3 love notes:

  1. Great and easy to follow tute! Love the diagrams.

  2. hahaa I was going to post exactly what gjeometry said above! This tutorial is perfect!

  3. I love me some pocket tabs :) I did something similar with belt tabs last year too :) Also, did I miss the boat on your new layout? It's awesome!!! Love it :)


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