We did it guys! Me-Made-May 2013 is over! First, an incredibly grateful 'thank you!' to Zoe for holding this challenge yet again. This was my first time and I'm surprised at how insightful and challenging the experience was, and I'm pumped about future makes! Here's the outcome:

The Challenge
My self-set challenge was to wear 4 me-made garments a week. Within the first week it developed into an evaluation of my me-made items, what I should cull, and what I want to make in the future.

What I learnt
I have neither the energy nor the resources to take a photo of myself every day
With different schedules, I don't see my boyfriend in the daylight and am too embarrassed to ask a coworker to take photos of me. Fingers crossed Paunnet does a tutorial on how to be so amazing with a self-timer (p.s. go check out her MMM photos--that girl is so stylish).

I'm more likely to wear things that are better made
Oh my, how far I've come from the girl who didn't get the fuss over seam finishes.

For a girl who's not that into floral dresses, I make a lot of floral dresses
This was a big lesson: I gravitate towards making garments I don't particularly love wearing. The best way I can think of combating this is by getting inspiration from things I want to wear, not things that look phenomenal on other people. How do you plan your garments?

I need more pants & winter items

Just because I didn't wear it, doesn't mean I don't love it
May in Australia is late Autumn, so things like my Kate Dress which are on constant rotation in spring in summer, weren't worn at all.

The Culls
l-r top: the navy marie / the lady in red dress / the mod violet
l-r bottom: the cotton fest skirt / the betty in wonderland dress / the welcome spring dress
Not pictured: the bubble butt clovers 

The To-Be-Fixed
Garments that have easily fixed issues (e.g., a faulty zip) and, with a little effort, will be totally wearable

Most worn RTW
Grey wool pants, geographic print pants, jeans, chinos 
What can I say? I'm a pants lady. I've nearly perfected the fit of my Colette Clovers (it's taking some serious tweaking and time!) and am expecting to go pant cray-cray in the very near future.

Button up shirts
Crisp, white shirts go perfect with the crazy patterned pants that I love so much. I've recently purchased Pam's Craftsy class, on making the perfect tailored shirt, so let's hope I have some beautiful creations for MMM 14!

Stretchy 3/4 sleeve pull-over shirts
Is there anything easier than a classic fitting top? I think it's time to get on Sewaholic's renfrew train.

Blazers & jumpers
Oooooh, this will be a fun project!

The Conclusion
Participating in Me-Made-May 2013 was a fantastic reality check of where my me-made wardrobe currently stands and where I want it to go. The main discoveries are that I don't sew things I want to wear (which is kind of bizarre), I have a few gaps which can be easily filled with stretch shirts & pants, and I now recognise how important a well made garment is to wearing it later.

Oh man, enough self-indulgent typing. This girl needs to sew!


  1. I don't sew things I want to wear sometimes either! What's with it? Its weird. And then I'm always seeing other bloggers making good basics and staples that they wear all the time. Very interesting...

  2. Perfect sum up! I'm always drawn to crazy, bright interesting fabrics, generally cottons and linens, but then when it comes to wearing them I don't really choose them out of my wardrobe. I'm also coming to the realisation that I should be making more things I want to wear not that others would wear.

  3. What a fantastic post! I really enjoyed reading this :) I feel like this is something I should do with my entire wardrobe. Always feeling like I have so many clothes but nothing to wear, so you end up wearing the same thing over, and over. Inspiring!

  4. have you already thrown out the culled pile? haha, anything that would fit me!? I love all those items! amazing post. so you are so talented, RL x

  5. COngratulations for your cute participation :-) It´s my second year in the me-made and I enjoyed it very much, looking all the outfits in the flickr group and discovering the gaps in my closet, it´s awesome!

  6. I meant to do a post like this today but time got away from me. I sew a lot of stuff I don't wear either. I thinks it's because you see stuff on other people and think its awesome but it's no really your style. But you forget that when its looking all awesome on someone else's blog. I am also in dire need of some winter clothes. I froze my butt off during me made may.

  7. Wowzers, you've learned a lot in just one month! That's the beauty of Me Made May I guess! I literally love all your makes, so I'm kinda sad to see your cull list...but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!

  8. I sew what I want to wear... to cocktail parties! What I want to wear the rest of the time, well, not so much! I'm a big pants girl, too, but I've never made any, which is a big part of the problem, and I love buttondowns for work, and have one Archer shirt that's been waiting for buttons for over a month! Time to start making what I actually wanna wear!

  9. I lurrrrve the most worn dress Re!


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