Introducing Laurel #3! It's a vice versa of my tutti frutti variation and is the most practical of the Laurels. Made-me-may, I'm coming for you. 

Speaking of made-me-may, how the heckarooney am I supposed to take photos with winter encroaching?! After repeatedly being beaten home by darkness I ventured into the scary, unchartered territory of artificial light and don't think I'll be up for that every day. How do you take made-me photos?

There's nothing new to say about the Laurel: it's awesome. I still want to make a few tweaks to the fit but this will be my last Laurel for a while. I have a pant-a-palooza to continue (seriously, my sewing table is trĂ©s mathematical and exciting right now). I also have my Sew Bossy project to show you, by my Boss's photos are so amazing (look at them!) that I need to give my project the justice of day light. 

New shoes! Aren't they amazing? Givenchy. Yeah, I now own Givenchy. I had to look up how to pronounce Givenchy (jee-von-shee if you were wondering) and they were less than 1/4 the original price, but let's just keep that between us, K? I feel like a Goddess when I wear them.

As I've said I have absolutely zero expectation in winning any of the Laurel prize categories because I've gone the practical, quick-fix route, but it's totally a-Ok because I have new garments (hooray!) and eye-candy to the billionth degree. Have you guys been following Colette's flickr group? Here are some of my favourites:

Top L-R: Michelle // Kelly // Melissa 
Bottom L-R: Soleilneo // Melooza // Annie

And this is only some. Seriously, screw being a judge of that competition.

So there you have it: a pretty blouse, artificial light, and hopefully the most scatter-brained post to appear on this blog xx

The deets
The pattern: Colette Laurel
Fabric: Cotton (both floral and blue fabrics)
Notions: None
Changes: Moved bust darts, removed the zip, added coloured bias tape on the neck and arm holes
Worn with: Jeans, Givenchy, and the cool glow of tennis court lights


  1. Lovely top! Very nice for Me Made May. I'm lucky that Corey gets home while its still light so he takes my pics for me. But I do need to get a tripod and a remote so I can take them myself so he can have a break. He doesn't enjoy taking pics! Oh my Kelly & Melissa's Laurel's are gorgeous! Melissa's in particular makes me think maybe I could make this work for my body type.

    1. Kat get your fingers over to Melissa's blog stat and look at the incredible pink one she made too! Haha I know what you mean about the photos. Unfortunately Oli works crazy early and I'm getting home around late dusk. What happened to all of our sunshine?!

  2. I take my photos before work at 7am in an underground carpark while the kids are still strapped in the car. It gives the photos an industrial edge! Or so I keep telling myself... Lovely Laurel by the way!

  3. Aaaand you've turned out another beautiful make young lady! I am absolutely loving all the Laurel variations out there...just not sure if the pattern will suit my fuller figure!

  4. Your shirt is great! It will definitely get a lot of wear. I need to make one!!!

  5. My photos could be a challenge as well. I can't get artificial light right! Lovely top by the way! I am now wondering if I need this pattern.

  6. So cute as always! Definitely need to check out that flickr group, too!

  7. OH MY GOSH.. Check the shoes outttt... I totally recognised them and 'double taked' your pic before you mentioned them haha.. I'm a bit of a shoe fiend (over 50 pairs oops)
    Love the laurel too of course, but was so distracted lol

  8. dayum... those shoes are so beautiful, I just don't even ...

  9. your night shots are rocking the house. ( although, it IS hard to beat "worn with: sunshine, bitches!". i guffawed on that one.)

  10. Cute! This is adorable! LOVE the shoes, too! I can't wait to see your new pants! So exciting!

  11. Ahhhh...I just saw this, thanks for the love! And seriously, how the hell are they going to judge this thing??? I have about a kazillion favorites, I really don't know how they are going to narrow it down. I want to see more pants-a-palooza, I have been obsessively buying fabric for pants- colored denim, POLKA DOT DENIM, super dark denim, hemp denim....unfortunately I have no idea how to make pants.


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