Introducing Laurel #3! It's a vice versa of my tutti frutti variation and is the most practical of the Laurels. Made-me-may, I'm coming for you. 

Speaking of made-me-may, how the heckarooney am I supposed to take photos with winter encroaching?! After repeatedly being beaten home by darkness I ventured into the scary, unchartered territory of artificial light and don't think I'll be up for that every day. How do you take made-me photos?

There's nothing new to say about the Laurel: it's awesome. I still want to make a few tweaks to the fit but this will be my last Laurel for a while. I have a pant-a-palooza to continue (seriously, my sewing table is trĂ©s mathematical and exciting right now). I also have my Sew Bossy project to show you, by my Boss's photos are so amazing (look at them!) that I need to give my project the justice of day light. 

New shoes! Aren't they amazing? Givenchy. Yeah, I now own Givenchy. I had to look up how to pronounce Givenchy (jee-von-shee if you were wondering) and they were less than 1/4 the original price, but let's just keep that between us, K? I feel like a Goddess when I wear them.

As I've said I have absolutely zero expectation in winning any of the Laurel prize categories because I've gone the practical, quick-fix route, but it's totally a-Ok because I have new garments (hooray!) and eye-candy to the billionth degree. Have you guys been following Colette's flickr group? Here are some of my favourites:

Top L-R: Michelle // Kelly // Melissa 
Bottom L-R: Soleilneo // Melooza // Annie

And this is only some. Seriously, screw being a judge of that competition.

So there you have it: a pretty blouse, artificial light, and hopefully the most scatter-brained post to appear on this blog xx

The deets
The pattern: Colette Laurel
Fabric: Cotton (both floral and blue fabrics)
Notions: None
Changes: Moved bust darts, removed the zip, added coloured bias tape on the neck and arm holes
Worn with: Jeans, Givenchy, and the cool glow of tennis court lights

12 love notes:

  1. Lovely top! Very nice for Me Made May. I'm lucky that Corey gets home while its still light so he takes my pics for me. But I do need to get a tripod and a remote so I can take them myself so he can have a break. He doesn't enjoy taking pics! Oh my Kelly & Melissa's Laurel's are gorgeous! Melissa's in particular makes me think maybe I could make this work for my body type.

    1. Kat get your fingers over to Melissa's blog stat and look at the incredible pink one she made too! Haha I know what you mean about the photos. Unfortunately Oli works crazy early and I'm getting home around late dusk. What happened to all of our sunshine?!

  2. I take my photos before work at 7am in an underground carpark while the kids are still strapped in the car. It gives the photos an industrial edge! Or so I keep telling myself... Lovely Laurel by the way!

  3. Aaaand you've turned out another beautiful make young lady! I am absolutely loving all the Laurel variations out there...just not sure if the pattern will suit my fuller figure!

  4. Your shirt is great! It will definitely get a lot of wear. I need to make one!!!

  5. My photos could be a challenge as well. I can't get artificial light right! Lovely top by the way! I am now wondering if I need this pattern.

  6. So cute as always! Definitely need to check out that flickr group, too!

  7. OH MY GOSH.. Check the shoes outttt... I totally recognised them and 'double taked' your pic before you mentioned them haha.. I'm a bit of a shoe fiend (over 50 pairs oops)
    Love the laurel too of course, but was so distracted lol

  8. dayum... those shoes are so beautiful, I just don't even ...

  9. your night shots are rocking the house. ( although, it IS hard to beat "worn with: sunshine, bitches!". i guffawed on that one.)

  10. Cute! This is adorable! LOVE the shoes, too! I can't wait to see your new pants! So exciting!

  11. Ahhhh...I just saw this, thanks for the love! And seriously, how the hell are they going to judge this thing??? I have about a kazillion favorites, I really don't know how they are going to narrow it down. I want to see more pants-a-palooza, I have been obsessively buying fabric for pants- colored denim, POLKA DOT DENIM, super dark denim, hemp denim....unfortunately I have no idea how to make pants.


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